My Services

Memoir Writing

 As a ghostwriter of your memoir, unravelling your memory, I write in your voice about your experiences and emotional truth. Staying anchored to the requirements of good storytelling, together with my client, I keep the focus on specific moments tapped from their emotional memory. To make the memoir a page-turner, I employ writing techniques of a bestseller novel. Hence, in the recreation of the scenes in the book, I pack my writing with vivid details, interesting dialogues, and suspense.

Developmental Editing

As a Developmental Editor, I deep dive into a manuscript for an intensive developmental editing process. The job involves working on the “big picture” with authors to prepare their book for its publishing. The focus is on: 

  • Addressing plot holes
  • Working on weak characterisation
  • Bolstering  sentence characterization
  • Fixing dialogues
  • Any other shortcomings in the manuscript.

Proof Reading

Spell-checkers and editing software may not catch all the errors, and even the best writers can make mistakes.Proofreading a manuscript is crucial for ensuring its quality. 

I proofread manuscripts with an eage eye, with a view to providing polished, error-free work which conveys the intended message clearly and effectively.

 My job as a proof-reader entails:

  • Elimination of  spelling, grammatical, capitalization, and numbering errors, as well as cleaning up of punctuation mistakes and fix formatting inconsistencies. 
  • Imparting clarity and consistency to  your message for your reader by working confusing wording or grammar errors that can lead to misunderstandings or disinterest. 
  • Addressing other important issues such as, word usage, inconsistent style and voice, hyphenation and capitalization errors, verb tenses and formatting.
  • Addressing faulty sentence structures — run-on-sentences, sentence fragments, and comma splices.

Book Ideation

Often, prospective writers have an initial spark or a kernel idea, but feel stuck to give it the form of a book. If you are one such writer, I am here to help you. To help shape your shiny idea into a fully fleshed-out story. Join my one-on-one sessions, where we will together to devise a storyline, plot, story arch, and characterization.